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bread, martha, and summer programs…


no hell isn’t freezing over…what is the world coming to? *sigh* i don’t know if i really want the answer to that…but yes, those would be my hands making bread…I KNOW!
yesterday sarah and i made bread…well let me clarify…she made bread, i helped…i wanted to learn. what a process…loooong process. i’m like a gnat! if it doesn’t get done in like a nano second, and there aren’t like a million things to do while i’m doing it…it’s a huge deal for me to do. but i have to say OH HOW FUN AND REWARDING! while we waited, ( i didn’t have a project to finish in my hands) we laughed, talked, and looked through all of her martha kids mags…um WHY isn’t martha doing that mag as often as she used to? sadness…i got some great ideas of what i want to make when i come back from california
while we were at her house my kids get so comfortable there that it’s a process to get them to leave (they have chicks, horses, cows, calves, etc. etc. etc.) so i had to bribe them with that we were going to the library to go sign up for the summer reading program ( i know somebody had to twist my arm to say that (um yeah that would be sarcasm)) so we went and the boys had a grand ol‘ time, minus the running and talking in very loud voices, i think we did pretty great.
i don’t know i think i can actually FEEL summer lurking closer and closer into my world….