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once again…i’m reminded i live in a super small town


our kind of traffic jam…coincidently…your dog will chase after these sheep when they cross your front lawn, and when that happens sheep move REALLY fast and go jumping and flying everywhere…which then coincidently makes for a REALLY mad farmer who is transporting his sheep from the winter location to the summer location…sorry dude next time i’ll try to keep the dog contained.
we had a great weekend. it was spent outdoors, outdoors, and outdoors. we played with friends and we weeded, cleaned up the backyard, and really just soaked up the sun… i did nothing remotely crafty other than work in the garden and sit and enjoy the kids enjoying the sun and getting pink cheeks from playing hard…it makes for a happy weekend. just one more week of school left for us, i can’t wait! that means summer library reading days, all day outside play, shorts and tank tops, and the awaited california trip!