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12:08 a.m. to 7:06 a.m.


that’s how long i slept….uninterrupted mind you. i can’t even tell you when the last time was that that happened. it seems like every night i’m woken up by one of the kids needing me, or kyle crawling in bed with me, or just me waking up and doing a once over at the other side of the bed just to find jake really isn’t there. but not last night, last night the last thing i saw was the red numbers on my clock saying it was 12:08 a.m. i hit the pillow and out cold i went. only to be woken by the static sound with a little bit of country music in the background (only thing that comes in) and those red numbers saying it was 7:06 in the morning. that seemed like a very short night. but i feel like i can accomplish anything today… what should it be? i mean seriously…there’s A LOT that needs to be done…but really i feel like a warrior ready for battle, chomping at the bit, and all those cliches…what should i accomplish today? i mean i can’t leave behind the regular duties that happen on tuesday (my ocd tendencies wont let me…i DON’T have ocd i just have TENDENCIES thank you very MUCH!) so the bathrooms have to be cleaned the laundry has to be folded (because i get cranky and who wants cranky) i’m going walking…but the rest of the time when kids are in school and when babies are sleeping…what should i do? tell me! what should i do?!

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