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some great second hand finds and weekend plans


this green little cupboard used to be a plain jane wood bookshelf. i asked jake if he could build me some doors, he gave me the “look” because back then when i asked we didn’t have hardly any power tools…but he did it anyways. and now it’s been with us through 3 moves and 6 years, and i love it still so much…
i actually found this yesterday when i just so happened to go to the second hand store in the 45 minutes away town…i usually don’t even go in there cause it’s not very good, not like the slc area ones, but i thought what the heck why not and i found this! it’s in my laundry room and it makes for a very cheery place to be now! okay and the reason why i went into the second hand store is because i needed more white sheets for my rag rug, i found it along with like 5 more but just bought the one, and then i saw the green one too, and instantly thought, “what a cute skirt that would make” …i’ve never made a skirt before but i thought i would try. it only cost me $2 so why not?!
the boys went camping last night, with our neighbors and their kids…don’t worry fam i know these people really well. my husband and julie’s husband (the one that took the kids) went to BYU for PhD’s together, and we both find ourselves living in this small town. ANYWAYS, aaron was kind enough to take my two older boys to the father, son camp out the church did. they had a blast and they brought home a little friend…hmmm.
today our plans are to work in the yard all day, pick up sticks and such things, and of course play a whole bunch because the weather seems to of taken a turn for the good, so we’re going to be outdoors!

oh dear i have to cut this short because i was just summoned back to the boys’ room so that they could show me the lizard’s new home…to my surprise they emptied out a drawer in their night stand and poured in dirt and rocks. (i swear it was seconds that they accomplished this) i am happy to say that the lizard looks very happy, unlike the mother of the 3 boys. off to find a “better home” i go.