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D.I. find & sugar cookies


so i found this cute little “cake” platter (it’s katie size) and i painted it to match her kitchen (although i ran out of paint hence the shotty job) but i had to take a picture of the sugar cookies inside the cake platter. i’m still going to make a cute stand for it (so that it’s off the surface) and i used the wrong kind of fabric for the cookies (i didn’t have felt so i used flannel…not as good as felt!) but i wanted to see how they looked and i love em! so when i get felt i’m going to make a whole batch of em and sell them at the country chick boutique and i’m going to make them for the gifford house that opens for the season on march 15th! ahhh! not enough time! still working on my bags…well not really, but i bought the fabric! i think i’ll just take it all in stride and not worry about deadlines, that way i don’t stress out about it and i still enjoy my kids, and try to keep up with the laundry! i used to love doing laundry, but i think it was around kid 3 that it became a monster of a job! i try to do as fly lady says and do a load a day, and it’s nice to do it on a regular basis, only thing is the folding! i feel like i can do it in my sleep, heck if i did it in my sleep then i wouldnt have a permanent basket sitting there with rotating needed to be folded clothes!