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happy makers


1. it’s been a week, woohoo! only 51 more to go!

2. i got to wear flip-flops again!

3. stopped by the school to drop off ryan and kyle, got stopped by one of nate’s teachers who said he’s having another great day!

4. i get to hang out with a great friend while our kids play today

5. i got motivated and made a patch quilt pillow for my room today

6. bought some more scrapbook paper (don’t know why cause i don’t have anything to do with it, but i love it anyway)

7. drank my last diet coke and diet dr. pepper yesturday, and i’m not buying anymore (a little scared about this one but i’m going to get healthy!)

8. read our scriptures said prayers this morning, and as nate was leaving the boys told him they loved him and he said he loved them too.

9.the birds are actually chirping outside!

10. katie woke up happy

11. katies taking a nap and the boys are all in school and the only sound is me typing

12. i got inspired and made katie felt sugar cookies and the frosting is pink fabric that has polka dots (oh so cute)

13. there seems to be a undertone of peace in our house

14. did i mention the sun is out?

15. there’s so many more happy makers, but i’m just happy that i have so many!