i likey the laptop: the review

This is a compensated review by BlogHer and Intel. so this last week i was suppose to see if having a laptop would actually be beneficial to me…hmmm well lets see, on wednesday my laptop had multiple tabs going, one of them being how to brine my turkey… you know i do it every year, […]

confessions of a multitasker: your chance to win $250

This is a compensated review by BlogHer and Intel. hey there! happy pre thanksgiving day. have i mentioned this is my favorite holiday? i can’t wait! but first off lets make one of you grateful you read this post…ready? i tend to be a multitasker. rarely do i sit down and do just one thing […]

morning squeeze: win $100 visa card

this week i talk about my morning squeeze, you know cause sometimes you don’t get to sit and eat a full breakfast…enter to win here also if you’d like a chance to win my patterns go here! winner of week three $100 visa card is: amy l

favorite cereal for breakfast: win $100 visa card

week three of kelloggs program where i share bits and pieces of our life and then you get a chance to win yet ANOTHER $100 visa card. this week i share about how someone who will remain un-named regressed from pooping on the potty to holding her poops yet again, and stressed out her mother […]

a little bit wiser: win a $100 visa card from juicy juice

okay i warned you you guys would have a lot of giveaways this month!!! here’s another chance to win $100 thanks to the great people at juicy juice. there’s nothing like a few years under your belt of being a mom (10+ years for me) to make you realize how much of an inflated head […]

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