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confessions of a multitasker: your chance to win $250


This is a compensated review by BlogHer and Intel.

hey there! happy pre thanksgiving day. have i mentioned this is my favorite holiday? i can’t wait!

but first off lets make one of you grateful you read this post…ready?

i tend to be a multitasker. rarely do i sit down and do just one thing for a long period of time.
i’ve been like that since i can remember. as a matter of fact my mom tells me to slow down…she’s been singing that tune since i can remember! love you mom!
so now that i’m a mom and a blogger and try my hand at making patterns and on the community council for the elementary school and just recently got asked to be in the presidency over the elementary school kids in my church, not to mention making sure i attempt to keep the house somewhat clean and kids on task… all on a daily and weekly basis… i think i can say that i must in fact STILL multitask a lot. plus well, i’m usually running around with five or more things on my mind and in my hands at any given point.

i try real hard not to do this often but sometimes they have to come and hang out till i get off the computer… wonder what the other two are doing? probably no good in my book. 😉

there is one thing i’ve made a conscience effort this year, and that was to try to work only when the kids are at school because i’m mom first and EVERYTHING ELSE second. so i’ve tried real hard not to be locked away in my office while the kiddos are around. sometimes i don’t get everything done before they come home from school. i have to leave things half way done and walk away from them till i can get to them at a more convenient time. as you can imagine, editing pictures, answering emails, and blogging in general has taken a huge hit… by the way if you’ve emailed a question and not heard back from me in a little while i guess this is my way of saying “sorry! i’m on a limited time frame!”

volunteering, homework, cub scouts, church activities, music, art lessons, and sports just to name a few (aka mom duties), limit my time being in a stationary spot for too long as well.

would i change anything about it?
no FREAKING way.
do my “other extra curricular activities” not get taken care of all the time?
oh heck yeah.
but that’s what i’ve decided:
kids first everything else after.

okay so enter in Intel and blogher. i was asked to review a lap top with an Intel core i5 processor and a WiDi adaptor allowing me to use my HDTV as a monitor. they’d like to see if this would help me with my “other activities”
sure, let’s really see see if in fact a lap top (which the husband and i have been talking about getting me) would help me multitask a little better.

and well the lap top has been provided, by Intel and shall we see?
give me till monday and i’ll come back and report the differences, if any.

and now enter where you are grateful for reading this post today
so a big THANKS to
Intel and blogher for this next part:

for a chance to win a $250 gift visa card for Best Buy:

1.) leave me a comment: are you a multitasker? how do you do it? inquiring minds want to know. (please include your email address to the end of your comment)

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only two entries per email address.

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oh but wait go check out the round-up page where BlogHer is giving away 4 laptops (one a week). yeah you are welcome.

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okay now if you don’t mind me i have a little bit of sewing to do in between brining my turkey, and baking pumpkin and apple pies. hopefully i’ll have them ready to come out just in time for the kids and husband to come home.
i’m so happy.
we’ll talk soon.