winner of burgundy buttons giveaway


the start the my brine for my turkey. i love me the citrus brine!

was your thanksgiving good? one of our kids got the flu. yuck. other than that we had a wonderful day full of too much food, great friends and even more too much pie and treats.
how was your black friday? any good deals? i’ll be honest the thought of black friday gives me the hives. i can’t even think about going because i’m sure i’ll want to scratch somebody’s eyes out due to the fact that she got the last _______ and that was the main reason why i got up and stuff. yeah i don’t do that kind of stress very well. yeah, i’ll pay full prices all year long just so i don’t have to deal with the “holiday shopping”. to be honest again…my christmas shopping is done minus stocking stuffers and something for mr. v and co.

we also put up christmas lights but laid low on the christmas tree hunting due to the sick kid. and after last year’s disaster of a tree…i’m pushing for our hellmart “tree A” to make a comeback. i think i’ll lose again. but whatever it’s worth a shot.

okay now for the winner of the burgundy buttons giveaway.
lucky winner is:

Melissa said…
I get Leah’s newsletter and would agree with you that she is a very nice and sweet person 🙂

congrats melissa, your info has already been forwarded to leah!

thanks to all who played.
remember you can still enter the $250 best buy giveaway. and for a chance to win a new laptop here.
okay we’ll talk soon, this week i finish the review of the multitasking with a laptop, and i finally do another tutorial. i know it’s been a while. and no i haven’t forgotten about the gray pillow case skirt. it’s coming in a tutorial as well.