i likey the laptop: the review


This is a compensated review by BlogHer and Intel.

so this last week i was suppose to see if having a laptop would actually be beneficial to me…hmmm well lets see, on wednesday my laptop had multiple tabs going, one of them being how to brine my turkey… you know i do it every year, yet it’s like my brain can’t seem to take that piece of information and store it, instead it drops it like yesturday’s news the minute thanksgiving is over and i have to look it up again every year on how to do it. i also looked up how to add cute little cut out of pastry dough leaves to place on top of my pumpkin pies. they turned out looking very festive and martha stewart-y. yay for me! no one else cared but me and katie…aint that how it just goes with men?

the rest of the week aka friday, was spent on blogging, email writing (and organizing the disaster of emails just sitting there collecting dust), picture editing, and i even got to check out a couple of blogs which i’ve not done in over 6 months it seems.

while the kids did homework i edited pictures, because this way i was still able to give full attention when questions were brought up. (um like what the defenition of a word was and we totally looked it up in the online dictionary). while they played video games or played i was in the back ground able to answer some questions from some of you and heck start thinking about writing more blog posts. all the time i used to spend on these things in the office, (or didn’t get to spend time on in the office) were now getting addressed. not perfectly, because let’s face it…my time really isn’t all mine just yet…but yes, this lap top with Intel Core i5 processor can handle my motherly multitasking as well as my attempt to multitask in the other areas in my life.

it was able to handle me editing pictures, look up dictionary definitions, look up something on amazon and try to answer questions through email. i would have to say it did pretty well trying to keep up with me, and i appreciated it.

now remember when i said in my last post about also getting the wireless WiDi HDTV to use my tv as a monitor? yeah, i kept thinking why would i want my tv as a computer monitor? i mean thats cool and all but really when was i going to use it? well, let me tell you. our dvd has been kind of on the fritz and we’ve lost the remote control, somewhere in the move maybe? anywho, we’ve not been able to watch movies since i guess we moved here. did you know that a lot of movies these days now have in thier package a computer file dvd that you can put and download onto you computers and onto ipods? yeah well, we just recently bought Toy Story 3 (oh my gosh the spanish buzz is HILARIOUS!) and we put in the computer file onto the lap top, and yup you got it we watched toy story 3 in our bedroom all snuggled up and comfy on our bed. the set up was a little trialsome…but most electronic things are for me, so i waited till the husband came home and set it up, then we were good to go. i even found him watching a tv show we’ve not ever watched before and asked what it was he was watching. he answered instant player Netflix of “lie to me” pretty good tv show where the heck have i been? and we watched a few episodes together. so i would say i would use the WiDi wireless to watch netflix in my room and keep catching up on Lie to Me and Mad Men.

so did you get that?

*lap top good for time management and able to move around more and take my work (so to speak) with me wherever i need to be.

*intel core i5 processor totally able to keep up with me and my multitasking skills and even came to save the day to help us get defenitions off the online internet dictionary.

*more time opened up for me to do the other things i do because i can fit in small incriments of computer time even in between awkward down time (ahem like waiting for the husband to hurry up and get out of home depot)

*spanish buzz in toy story 3= Hilarious good times.

*WiDi wireless confused me for set up but not the husband and when it was set up we are now catching up on past seasons of shows we’ve missed out on because sometimes we live under a rock.

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btw i have a holiday tutorial coming up soon.
we’ll talk soon.
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