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V and Co: how to: make an ombre ruffled flower onesie


nothing says girl like pink ruffles. so lets round out with what else…pink ruffles.

this one is one of my favorite ones. super easy, super texture-y and super cute. 

we talked about dying your onesie ombre here.

and then we talked about dying and appliquéing your doily on the onesie here.

so now lets talk about making ombre flowers for a onesie.

what you’ll need:

-one onesie.

-4 strips of 11/2″ by at least 10″ of white jersey. (i got mine at joann’s) but you can get some from amazon, or you can just take an old white t-shirt as well. 

-rit dye 

 to make your strips ombre:

-take one end and dip the strip 1/3 of the way in and then let 1/4 of the strip set inside the dye for about 5 minutes.

-flip it around and do it to the other side as well.

 to make your ruffles:

-place your machine to it’s longest stitch (mine is #5)

-place the top thread by the spool in between your fingers, and give a little tension

on one side of your strip start sewing the running stitch as you hold the thread up above to give it tension, and watch your strip begin to ruffle.

 next take your ruffled strip and curl it into itself to create one flower.

i am holding the back of the flower this is what it should look like on the back, the one on the table is what it should look like on the front.

 next with a needle and thread, go through all layers of the bottom layer of the flower. make sure you do it a few time in different locations on the bottom so that it is secure.

now to attach the flowers onto the onesie.

there are a few ways to do this. the way i did it was to place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt, and place a few dabs of fabric glue on the back of each flower.

once i let it dry, i then went back and secured it with a few stitches in each flower onto the onesie.

but as you can see any there are a few gaps that get created whenever you move the onesie around, and i want it to look more like a corsage…so we:

 make a few stitches in between on the flowers so that when the baby moves around she wont lose the shape of the corsage.

and now you have the means of making some super cute onesies.

go at it!