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V and Co: 1 million pillow case challenge in simply color


 hi there! today is day 8 of the million pillowcase challenge put on by APQ 

APQ asked me to participate and talk a little about the million pillowcase challenge. and just in case you missed the line up here are all the participants for the whole month of september. 🙂

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first off i have to say what a wonderful little project this was for me. it means a lot to be part of this wonderful charity challenge.

APQ is trying to reach the goal of creating 1 million pillowcases for charities all over the world. everyone can help to reach this goal. and a lot already have!

they make it really easy for everyone to participate:

there are awesome free pillowcase instructions

and there is a list of charities to donate to

i chose to use this awesome roll up pattern

 for fabric i use bella solid white  by moda fabric and the lime green leaf from Simply Color by V and Co. for moda fabrics. 🙂 yeah still weird to say.

 it took me all of 5 minutes to make. and my kids were pretty impressed how cool i was that i knew how to make a pillowcase that way. granted i didn’t come up with the roll up method but shhhh let them think for a minute i’m that cool k?

anywho, after seeing how easy and fun it was to make this pillow, we’ve decided that each child and dad (yup we’re gonna make dad sit at the sewing machine) will make a pillowcase, and we will individually pick a charity to donate our pillowcase.

i have chosen to donate to st lukes oncology department. i’ve had a family member go through cancer, i’ve had friends who have had family members go through cancer. and i’ve had a very close and dear friend of mine lose her 2 year old child to cancer. it brings tears to my eyes thinking of the struggle the individual going through cancer goes through, as well as the pain and anguish and desperation that those around them go through as they watch their loved one hurt.

yes, it has started with one pillowcase, but it will not end with this one.

thank you APQ for the opportunity for me, and now my family to do something for our community.

hope you all have a wonderful rest of the weekend. 🙂

we are still painting and putting up lots and lots of shelves in closets.

my husband is in a super happy mood. 🙂 thank heavens he’s such a nice guy and willing to do it after a year of me asking…incessantly.

we’ll talk soon.