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this little noisemaker turned 8 today.

heres a few things about you right now:

-you may be small, but you still hold the trophy for the LOUDEST of our noisemakers.

-it still holds true that cereal is still your favorite thing to eat.

-when you are not eating cereal you want to eat burritos or quesadillas.

-you are pretty smart when it comes to math.

-green is your favorite color.

-you want to be just like your older brothers.

-you play with your sister even if she annoys you. 🙂

-you love to cuddle and will “burrow” into our arms and laps whenever you can.

-you are awesome at doing flips on the trampoline…and sometimes even off the trampoline.

-you have made a couple of great new friends since we moved to iowa.

-you love to be constantly moving: biking, running, jumping, whatever it is you will be doing it unless you are sleeping. or playing Little Big Planet

-you are a super loving kid.

-you can’t deliver a “knock knock” joke to save your life. but we love you for trying anyways.

-you live in your own creative little world inside your head most of the time, sometimes you come back to the real world. you have a lot of ideas.

-when asked what do you want to be when you grow up you first answer is  ” have fun.” your other answer is “be a teacher.”

– generally you are pretty happy. well except for when you are about to get the flu. then you are not. 🙂

we love you and are so proud to be your parents. you are a great kid. happy birthday little dude.