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V and Co: leaving on a jet plane


i’m heading off this lovely place. at least that’s what i hear… that it’s nice.

any ideas on the skyline?

oh i know so secretive its kind of annoying right? i’m really sorry. i don’t like to lead you on or leave you hanging so i normally just keep my mouth pretty tight lipped till i know things are an actual go, but so far it seems like it is and i’ll be able to tell you more in about a couple of weeks.

so yes, this picture is a little hint as to some of the reason why i’ve been sewing but haven’t been able to show you anything for a little bit. and part of the reason why last week i got all in a ball and started rocking back and forth in the corner calling out  for my mommy… yeah. has to do with this. i’m not kidding when i say i fight the battle of nervousness when i have to leave my house and do what i like to do outside of my comfort zone.(aka husband and kids saying “ooh i like it! is it mine?)

 i really do get THAT nervous, thankfully when i finally get going things seem to start rolling but the whole lead up usually throws me in for a loop. (and yes, btw thanks for the kind words)

so here’s to having only about 24ish more hours of complete panic, and then to move forward and onward…to the next thing that will make me want to toss my cookies.

ready for an adventure?

i keep telling myself i am.

my family keeps saying they back me up and are happy to push me out the door to do it.

but i’m not really convincing myself too well that i’m ready…well i guess until i can look at it from behind and say hindsight is 20/20 and it really wasn’t that bad.

have a great week, i’ll pop in hopefully with some behind the scenes.