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 so much for creating star wars projects from the awesome star wars book i got while there are a bazillion legos to be put together

 in star wars theme of course… i think all the lego sets have almost been completely completed. (ha try saying that 10 times fast)

the christmas weekend kicked the trash out of me…too bad it didn’t kick the trash out of my house. monday and tuesday was spent cleaning up christmas, and trying to get clothes out of the laundry dirty piles and into drawers. we’re almost back to normal. just have to go grocery shopping, toilet cleaning…eh okay so normal isn’t all that awesome either…but  i would like to finally use this lovely:

that the husband got me this year. no more “by hand” for me. YAY! i do have to say that the best part of it was that he bought it in chrome. not because i love gray. true i do. (duh everyone does right now) but his explanation on why he bought that one was because it was neutral enough to go with any other accent color i might like at the moment.

love that man.

because he TOTALLY gets me

and that he would totally take into consideration, before making a purchase, on the color or rather lack of color because of how i am.

yup, he’s good to me.

homemade (messed up at first because i don’t know if i can do it right) bread coming soon to our house!

im ready to sew though, and i’m hoping that all these legos go away soon, as i am pretty sure that my own personal hell will consist of making lego creation after lego creation after lego creation after lego creation and trying to find a piece lost in the carpet. but the boys like it. and the husband, as much as he says he didn’t, had a lot of fun making that that falcon (we’re on one name basis now, it’s no longer “The millennium falcon” it’s “the falcon”) when the boys totally deserted it in the second hour of building it. best quotes during the completion of it:

“did you know that princess leah goes diarrhea on like everyone?” -noisemaker age 7 to other boy noisemakers.


“pretty sure i now know the other use for adult size diapers, that freaking took me 3 hours. i’ve got to go pee real bad.” -husband to me after he was done building the falcon.

here’s to a good in-between week (of christmas and new years celebrations)

hope all of you have enjoyed your family and holidays. i am enjoying mine, even if mainly all they do is talk about bodily functions while building legos. 🙂