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pfew! oh wow.  if you follow me on facebook you saw that jake threw out his back. it’s pretty bad people, he can’t move. 🙁  i think the hardest part for him is that he’s dying to get up, and it’s driving him nuts…and the kids aren’t used to seeing him down like that. this has happened one other time (not as bad) this last summer when we were moving. BUT all will be well as he has a little more movement this morning. it’s been fun making fun of him, and in turn his razzing back. i love him, and i hate to watch him hurt, just grateful he has a good sense of humor through it all. 🙂 kids are back in school, and i get to have a small smidge of a sense of normalcy again, now to just make sure jake gets better so we can have full normalcy.

in other news my newest obsession is Playmobil. they are so cute. and i want them all. i mean it. and i am so happy to announce that the girl noise maker is now obsessed with them much to my constant “oooh and ahhhs” over my computer screen. yeah. its not good. they have so many i really don’t know what i would do if i had a place i could go and buy them. but now i’m on a mission, i’m hoping to find them on sale and with free shipping…or at garage sales when those come up again. yup. obsessed.

okay. so word for the year:

i’m thinking of re-enlisting last years word. which was “healthy” i like it because it was easy to encompass a lot of things in our life, from relationships, to eating. we have incorporated family prayer and weekly family time in our schedules and we now also have been doing a weekly eating menu. all going towards the healthy idea.

we’ve had success. but i’ve done an epic fail of getting rid of diet soda for me. i figured if i just keep adding good things slowly that one bad soda habit might go away someday.

sooooo yeah. we’re going one more year of “healthy”. we did good. and well, i think we could do even better. so maybe better would be a better word. never mind we’re sticking with “healthy” 🙂

question is…”is having a word for the year still the cool thing” i dont know, someone want to show me what the cool thing is? or is it still the word?

🙂 we’ll talk soon.

ps jake’s walked around three times around the living room today. things are looking good!