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V and Co: Merry Christmas 2011


Merry Christmas from our family to yours. we’ve been trying to focus these few days on the main reason why this holiday is so special. so in between runs to the grocery store a bazillion times (seriously what is wrong with my brain that i keep forgetting 1 or 2 things every single time) wrapping presents, a visit from Santa, and all the prep that goes into everything…we are now finally slowing down and just relaxing and prayerfully pondering how really blessed we are with the simple things we take for granted… like waking up every morning, let alone in a bed with blankets and a roof over our head. yup, everything else is just extra. 

this year we have a perfectly groomed tree that came from a lot. it’s nothing like  last year’s tree or the gasp the year before. and sadly i kind of miss the funny story that came along with finding this tree. but it’s okay because:

…without fail my kids and i are still playing that “clump the ornaments….unclump the ornaments….clump the ornaments….unclump the ornaments” game. you know the one that used to annoy the crap out of you when you used to want everything “perfect”, and now you just find it cute and endearing because you’ve let go of “perfect” and one day when you finally get your “perfect” tree…you’ll be missing and wishing you had the clumping of the ornaments game back.

but we’re not there yet.

so for now i’ll enjoy my imperfectly decorated tree, and having all my kids under our very blessed roof. 

merry Christmas.

it’s a very special celebration.

we’ll talk soon.