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V and Co: summer pics: grandma’s house


for the summer months i’ll be blogging here and there with a few pics of what we’re up to. i’ll be closing comments so that i can focus mainly on my family and this special and rare occasion of having my WHOLE family at home. you can still contact me via email, facebook, or twitter. please feel free to! and we’ll “talk” more on the blog after the summer months! thanks so much!

now that we have officially sold, emptied out, and cleaned the town house, we will be staying at my in laws 35 minutes north of provo for the next two and half weeks. my in law’s house will now house my husband and i, our 4 kids, our cat and dog…my mother in law takes it all in stride…my father in law is rejoicing on the inside…i can just tell. ;p regardless of his excitement i feel like we need to be doing things outside of the house…so today and yesterday we swam

heck i even got in the water!
some of you who follow me on facebook saw that i attempted the “curly hair look” for the first time in umpteen years. i think i said “hell has officially frozen over…”
i was feeling pretty good (bless the husband, he kept encouraging me by saying how “hot” my hair looked, every time he remembered to say something about it) and i even seemed kind of positive about posting a picture today…when at lunch we went to subway sandwiches and a little kid turned around in line in front of us and literally gasped when he looked up at me. the husband says i took him by surprise is all…i don’t believe him…i think i scared him. which just goes back to childhood memories…SO back to straight hair for me.
BUT! i want to say thank you to all of you who have sent me product info for curly hair, and success stories with said products. i’m already putting money aside because i’ll be dropping a ton of money on said products because i really don’t want to keep scaring small children. :/
we’ll talk soon.