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V and Co: summer pics: welcome july


for the summer months i’ll be blogging here and there with a few pics of what we’re up to. i’ll be closing comments so that i can focus mainly on my family and this special and rare occasion of having my WHOLE family at home. you can still contact me via email, facebook, or twitter. please feel free to! and we’ll “talk” more on the blog after the summer months! thanks so much!

welcome july:
seriously i can’t believe we’re in july.
first off thank you for the countless emails and comments on our getting ready to move to the mid-west. a lot of you have made us that more excited about moving to iowa. 🙂 i’ve been having so much fun reading everything you have shared with me about iowa to my husband and kids. the kids are super excited with all the fun places and things you have told us we need to do.
yes, the state fair has already been marked on our calendar to be one of the first things we do as we settle into our new environment! so really thank you. we can’t wait!

well, i sort of can though…first off the humidity is going to do a horrific number on my hair. remember this post? yeah, already thinking i need to invest on corn-rows (perhaps with sea shells at the end of them like monica’s in “friends”?) or a lot of hats… or something. hmmm maybe this blog will turn into a dedication to horrible hair days, or maybe JUST maybe i can try to embrace some of my “curl” HA!HA!HAHahaha..ha…aha..hmm…i don’t think so…i’ll have to figure something out i’m sure.
us moving to iowa means us moving away from family. both mine (in california) and jake’s (almost all relocated to utah) will become more than a drive away. we’ve never been in this situation and it will be an adjustment…
but for now, our july looks a lot like june…
swimming in grandma’s pool…

running around in a bathing suit most of the day either getting ready to go to some kind of water establishment…or getting home from one.
enjoying the outside…
with family, and new neighborhood friends…and missing the ones we’ve left behind.

also we are packing AGAIN! because we are in the process of getting ready to sign papers to sell our townhouse. it went quick, we know we’re lucky…and we’re not complaining…so we’re moving again, for a couple of weeks…to my in-laws before we move for lets hope the final time to iowa.
stay tuned…

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