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V and Co: we're moving!


after 3 full months of trying to figure out exactly what we were going to do next, after my husband’s job announced they were closing their doors, i am FINALLY able to say we know where we’re going and what we’ll be doing. it feels like we’ve been in limbo and there’s a lot i haven’t mentioned here on the blog of what exactly we’ve been going through.
jake and i sat when this all went down, and decided we were going to be picky where we landed next. we wanted a safe place for the kids, a job with a little more security, and last but not least we wanted financial security (as in it wasn’t going to cost us more to live than we made with me staying home with the kids). we were offered many jobs, (i say we…but i mean him) some that he didn’t even apply for, and we didn’t get one we set our sights on first… that was heartbreaking but it happens. we almost (i say we but i mean me) started saying yes to the jobs being offered that weren’t necessarily what we both wanted due to the fear of “what if we pass up everything and that ONE doesn’t happen?” but jake kept reminded me to have faith. so last week we told the last “other” job offer “no” and “yes” to mount mercy university. jake will be a professor and the clinical director for the marriage and family therapy department there.
it’s what we (i say we and i mean we) went to school for. to do this exact thing. it’s been a bumpy road to here…but we’re finally doing it.

forbes listed the capitol of iowa as one of the safest cities to raise a family. and while we may not be moving to des moines, we are moving two hours away from there to the cedar rapids area. while there we were able to do a little sight seeing…
aside from the gorgeous rolling hills that we saw driving on the freeway…we were able to do a little detour to a famous little place…
remember The Bridges of Madison County? yeah that picture i showed a post before was me standing on one of the bridges. i think i’m going to read the book again just to remember it…and we’ll plan on taking the kids there someday.
these bridges were built in 1880 and the reason why they are covered is because back then it was cheaper to replace the wood they used as covers rather than the boards on the bridge. it was pretty neat to be on those bridges realizing they were there for over 130 years.
madison county also just so happens to be john wayne’s birthplace.
yup pretty cool. when i told the kids we went there i was explaining who john wayne was and again i was surprised when the two older boys chimed in “mom, we know who he is he was in true grit.” “yeah mom he’s rooster cogburn.”
what in the h…really you remembered that? we watched that together like last year. i’m lucky i remember all my kids’ birthdays!


i finally wowed them with telling them we saw fireflies for the first time EVER. never seen them before…i was in aw and jumping around going “look jake!!!! it’s like in the movies!” yeah i grew up on the beach, all you midwesterns grew up with fireflies.

sooooo…we’re moving to iowa, i don’t know too much about it yet, i’m excited and i’m nervous, as i’ve never lived past utah…or heck i’ve never lived anywhere but california and utah…

and well this is our new home.
we bought it this last week. Or at least we are in the process of selling oir townhouse and in the process of buying this house. yeah i just threw that out there like it’s nothing but in actuality, i was a walking panic attack trying to decide which house should be ours. we were actually in the realtor’s office signing papers on another house when i freaked and stopped the process and went to see this house instead. i’m pretty sure our realtor (who happens to be the nicest guy) must of thought i was nuts…but seriously this is suppose to be the house my kids grow up in…like for a long time…i don’t want to make a mistake…anywho it’s that kind of thinking that’s made me panic that i made a bad choice and what if this and what if that…what if that other house was suppose to be our house. blah blah blah diareah blah blah blah panic attack blah blah blah husband wondering if i’m going to make up my mind blah blah blah AHHHHHHH okay this house!
anyways *says the crazy one writing this post*

If all goes according to plan this is where i’ll be sewing and talking to all of you from starting august. and i’m not going to lie to you…inside…it’s going to be bare for a long time. we sold most of our furniture and have downsized (and still are downsizing) to just a few essentials for our trek across the plains… i mean we’re taking the important things like beds, a kitchen table, and the kids…those things we can’t downsize on…but everything else…yeah.
soooooo…any iowan’s out there? any word of advise on how to take full advantage of living in iowa? what do we need to see? do? experience?
anything would be great.
now if you don’t mind me…i’ll be over here downsizing…packing (yet again) and getting ready to hit the plains baby!

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