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V and Co: summer pics: morning/sewing summit


for the summer months i’ll be blogging here and there with a few pics of what we’re up to. i’ll be closing comments so that i can focus mainly on my family and this special and rare occasion of having my WHOLE family at home. you can still contact me via email, facebook, or twitter. please feel free to! and we’ll “talk” more on the blog after the summer months! thanks so much!

this morning i woke up to realize we have 12 days till we load up the truck with all of our life’s belongings. in that said truck the husband will be towing his own truck, and he will be trailed by me driving our car with 4 kids a dog and a cat, and oh yeah…towing our camper…and (might as well adding this) losing all kinds of sanity…to head out on our over 1,200 mile move to our final destination of iowa…oh heaven help me.
i may need to get some benedryl for the hives i’ve just created writing that last long sentence.
all i can say is that it will be one of two things:
A) it will run so dang smoothly with no hiccups or any problems including the animals, and the dog and the cat.
B) i will have another series of “unfortunate events” posts again with all the crap that will occur on our lovely trip…
i’ll make sure to take notes.

now some fun stuff for you (maybe) and some more hives creating thoughts for me:
over at the sewing summit they did a little Q and A of yours truly… i divulge a little on what we will be covering in my class in October…if there’s something you’d like to suggest for the class email me, or leave me some feedback via facebook…i have a basic plan set up but i am always open to suggestions!
i’m kind of excited…well in the want to throw up in my mouth a little sort of way excited…but you wouldn’t expect anything else from me right?
we’ll talk soon!