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the littlest one and i have been busy baking and making. the boys had a half day today so we had to get things ready in the morning, hence why i didn’t get this post up till now!
today is my oldest noisemaker’s birthday. i can’t believe i have an 11 year old. but i also can’t believe that i have wrinkles and have had to pluck gray hair…but there you have it, all of the above are true.
so without further adieu here’s a few things about you on your 11th birthday.
*you love to draw. you are pretty good at it too.
*you love love LOVE pizza.
*if you are in the room and in charge of the TV you can bet that Mythbusters, the history channel, or the military channel will be on.
*you want to try a lot of things.
*you really want to do what is right. (it’s very admirable)
*you love to play with your brothers.
*you just passed the arrow of light in cub scouts and now you move on the boy scouts. and you love it.
*you still amaze me how awesome and gentle you are with little kids, and especially babies.
*your cat sleeps on your head at night.
*you have made leaps and bounds in the past 2 years. (what a journey!)
*you’ve made me cry tears of sadness, happiness, frustration, and joy.

kid, you are so loved. i know the things we go through in this life make us a better person in the next and i just want to let you know how amazing i think and know you are.
happy birthday.
hope you enjoy your pizza and cupcakes.

ps: i will close the giveaway tomorrow, and i will announce the winner on friday.
have a good couple of days!
pps: thanks for all the well wishes on my tv debut, and for all the suggestions. will be counting up to see which project won!