me on TV -oh dear heavens


first off holy hannah! 5000 comments later on the giveaway. and i come to find out that 5000 comments is the limit that blogger lets you have.
so i’ve opened up asecond post for all you people who keep emailing me to open up the comments again.

okay now for moving on:
well so i have a little bit more news to spill.
a few weeks ago i got an email from the producer of a morning show here in utah called Good Things Utah asking if i’d want to possibly come on the show and demonstrate one of my tutorials.
i looked up at my husband with terrified eyes, and he asked “what?”
i answered ” i think i’m going to be sick.”

so one phone call later and i had agreed to do a show on Feb 4th.
yes that’s one week from friday people.

i joked with the producer that i would probably toss my cookies on live air, and she laughed. i think she thinks i was kidding.

so here’s where you guys come in.

they asked me to do one of two projects…

A.) the heart gathered pillow:

B.) the ruffle pillow.

and my question to anyone out there willing to give me feedback is…

which project would you like for me to throw up on while on live TV.
a girl’s got a right to know.

i don’t drink but i may just take up hard liquor for the next two weeks to build up some tolerance so i can drink myself into a drunken stupor relaxed mode for the show.

*yes it airs that morning right as i’m doing it.
*yes for all of you out of state who want to watch the train wreck i’ll post it here when it comes on the site.

i’ll be over here rocking back and forth in the corner.

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