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i always love when women call their sewing room their “studio”. well i’ve never had a room to call a studio before now. so why the heck not call this thing i have just that?
i mean it’s better than calling it what my husband calls it “the receptacle of crafting messes.”
while the kids are away at school, i get to work, and work, and work, and work.
i really enjoy my little bit of time to myself. but i’m glad it’s still just that: a little bit of time. at some point i’m going to have “LOTS of time” to myself…and well, i’m sure i’ll be able to fill it with a lot of working…but for now, i’m enjoy my happy medium.
and anyways i don’t think the dog, cat and i can handle any more away time from the kids. the animals come and hang out with me in my little studio as i sew and cut, and listen to music. i think they freak out with all the non noise going on while the kids are away as much as i do. we need a slow moving towards that goal i think.
okay back to the studio:

i love these containers from ikea. they make things so uniform and some day i’ll actually put labels in the little slots… i need more of these. (mental note made for next time i go up there)

i use mason jars to keep all my “this and thats” in place. i love that they come in different sizes.

because i do most of my fabric shopping online, i have one of these color cards, and one of these color cards so i can tell for sure EXACTLY i need in the fabric dept.
and as much as i would love to say that these pictures depict what my whole “studio” looks like all the time, or heck what it looks like right now…that would be a complete and utter lie. as a matter of fact i should probably change it back from “studio” to “receptacle of crafting messes”…because lets be honest, i like to organize, but this room is always in utter chaos because i’m always in between like a bazillion projects, and when i’m in there i usually get more ideas that need to be drawn up before they leave my head so i leave whatever it is that i’m working on behind for a little bit, jot down whatever it is going on in there, then pick up another project i was working on before the first one. (after reading that last sentence it appears that i may need to look into ADD meds.)
there you have it. my receptacle of craft messes pretending to be a studio.

if you’ll excuse me i’m off to use that little bit of time that i have till i have to go and get the littlest noisemaker from pre school and maybe at that point the dog and cat and i won’t feel like we all need to hang out in the same small room together…it’s a little bit of an adjustment but we’re all doing okay i think.
happy week to all.
we’ll talk soon.

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