two years in a row


well i don’t know if you saw, but my baby life quilt made it on U-Create’s top ten list for 2010’s most popular tutorials, ahem… this is my second year on that list. yeah, cause i’m cool like that. HA! kidding, i was floored when i got the email. mainly because this last year, i’ve backed off my main focus of being a craft blog, and going back to just being a blog of a gal who likes to sew, create, dabble in trying to decorate, spew off about stupid things that happen in my life and laugh at them.

and well, thanks for sticking around.
also thanks for supporting my shift in trying my hand at being a pattern seller. i really appreciate the love, the emails, the stories, on how my patterns and tutorials effect your daily lives, whether it be “i haven’t sewn in years, and you inspired me to do so again!” to “i’m a beginner and your pattern was great to start off with! thank you!” i appreciate them. a lot.
(btw if you scroll down in the comments section of the tutorial you will see some pretty awesome stories of people making this quilt. and really, that just makes me want to smile, laugh, beam, and cry all at the same time. so really thank you.)

sometimes i still dabble with stopping this whole thing.
but i know i would miss it, and i would still do what i do so might as well write about it right?
and when you think about it, i’m just a mom writing from her lap top in bed in her pjs, after she helps her kids do homework, help them clean their bathrooms, take them to scouts, help clean little bottoms, wash away sad or angry tears of the day, and yeah even clean up throw up when they don’t feel good… and lets not forget i’m also the wife to my best friend that makes me laugh so hard i spew diet dr pepper out my nose, and who takes my “issues” in stride… but mainly remember i’m a real person, with a lot of ups and downs, just like everyone else, and i’m grateful for the lovely comments, the lovely emails, the wonderful friendships, and the awesome opportunities this blogging thing brings.
i’m super excited to start sharing some of the “opened doors” with all of you starting at the end of this month.
so stay tuned…
and once again…
thank you so much for reading, because without you, i wouldn’t still be here.
we’ll talk soon.

edited! holy smokes it’s been a while and i’d not checked it out. but check out the flicker group! lots of you posting them there!!! thank you!!!
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