for the bloggers quilt festival


well it seems like every year i always wait till the last day of the festival to finally get my quilt up and shown. amy is hosting the 4th bloggers quilt festival. and i’m excited to share my just dandy quilt. this quilt is my favorite one i’ve ever made. it might be because i have a new found love for hand applique. i love simple quilts with not a ton of busy-ness and i love that with applique i can create anything i want where ever i want it.
i also want to share another quilt i just finished (hence the lack of binding…going to work on that after i post this, also instructions coming soon to my shop) using my oliver and s city weekend layer cake i made this quilt using hand applique as well, i use the method i show here and it’s become my favorite thing to do because i can take applique and work on things where ever i am. my kids are now used to seeing me with a needle, thread and hoop either in my hand or tucked somewhere in the car ready to come out when ever i feel like it. i love to hear them ask “what’s that going to be mom?”
thanks amy for hosting yet again a brilliant idea where we all can go to eachother’s corner in cyberspace and ooooh and ahhh over all the creativity out there!

Amy's Creative Side - Blogger's Quilt Festival

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