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how i lost to a red eyed tree frog


moving into a house that’s bigger means needing to buy stuff for extra rooms. one room in mind is the bathroom. we have 3 and half bathrooms. last house had 2 bathrooms.
so there’s a master bathroom, a guest bathroom (aka katie’s bathroom) laundry room bathroom (the half bathroom) and the basement bathroom (aka oh my gosh my three boys are sharing a bathroom and sharing the responsibility on cleaning it too. gross.) so we went last weekend to get some more supplies for the extra bathrooms. on the list shower rods and curtains. i had in my mind what i wanted for the bathrooms. white for the guest bathroom and a “man-ly” slash still boyish slash kind of plain but maybe with some geometric shapes on the fabric in a blue shade for the downstairs boy’s bathroom.

things didn’t go as i planned because well…hmmm let me just set the scene:

katie and i had just gotten done picking up some organizing containers for the kitchen drawers (i know i was as excited then as you are reading about it now) we rounded the corner and came upon the boys in the bathroom aisle. we reached them and asked how it was going.

husband: “oh fine. they can’t decide on what shower curtain they want. ”
me: “oh? well how about this one?” (holding up something i had in mind for their bathroom)
husband: GASP!
the kids and i all looking at the shower curtain i had picked out slowly turn back to my husband to see what made my husband gasp.
husband: “ ISN’T IT SOOO COOL?!!!”
we all move towards him and the kids get there before i can. at this point all four male people in our family are gasping and isn’t it so cool-ing as well.
i finally clear the way and gasp.
me: “no, uh uh. that’s just plain ugly. we’re not going to get that.”
husband: “if you mean by totally being awesome and the coolest thing ever being ugly then yes you are correct. what do you think guys? this one or the dolphins?”
me: eye twitching. “guys don’t you want this kind of plain one with the geometric shapes on it?”
husband:”…because personally i like the dolphins but the tree frog? priceless!”

i hang my head in defeat. they decided on the red eye tree frog. my own picture coming soon
as my husband likes to re-tell the story, he likes to add that i had a tantrum and was going to make them take the one i wanted. i fail to remember a tantrum, i do in fact know that every time i pass the red eyed tree frogs i shake my head in disgust and chuckle when no one is around. my husband on the other hand gets a huge grin on his face. i can’t decide if its just because he knows how much it makes my eye twitch or if it’s because when it comes to things like shower curtains he just lets the 6 year old in him take control. either way i’m going to find a way to get him back.

picture of the blasted shower curtain most likely to have an accident in the near future involving a sharp object.

ps: i’m still working on instructions for the quilt and yes the skirt so hold tight. don’t know when but soon.
we’ll talk soon.