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a little spill-age


one of my next projects is made out of this line.
i’m super excited about it, i can’t wait to see if it turns out as cute in real life as it did in my head and in my sketch book.
i’ve been working on it…sloooooowly…everything over here creative has been put on the “slow track”.

why you ask.
well because i’m, going through every single drawer, cabinet, closet, nook and cranny and putting things in piles to keep, give away, sell or throw out.

why you ask?

well…ahem i sold my house.

ohhh yeah i kind of didn’t mention that i had put my house up for sale did i…does my shotty blogging make a little more sense now?

yeah well, we sold it.

had sellers remorse for like a day…emotionally ate anything that wasn’t nailed down in my house and grocery store.
then went and bought another house.
went back to the grocery store and emotionally ate myself into another stupor.

so for right now we’re still living in this house, all paper work should be done and through with in the next two weeks on both houses.
the people wanting to move into my, oh sorry, this house are probably going to close hours before we close on our new one.

so yeah are you ready to decorate a new house with me?
i’m a little nervous.
and excited.
and probably going to have to buy all new wardrobe after all this is said and done.
now if you excuse me, i need to go get more chocolate and carbohydrates into my system.
we’ll talk soon.