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one year older


i can’t believe that you are 4. i remember bringing you home thinking “i wonder what you’ll be like when you are 4.” and here we are…

here’s a few things about you right now that i don’t ever want to forget:

* you are my constant companion. anywhere i am, you are too. anywhere i’m going to be…most likely you will follow me and be there too.

*you still absolutely love your dog. he’s your best friend, but you’ve also made a few human little girl friends as well.

*you know how to push your brother’s buttons (it’s like an art form really)

*you love strawberry shortcake, hello kitty, my little pony, and barfies (barbies)

*every time you call barbies “barfies” it throws the boys into hysterics…pretty sure that’s the only reason why you still call them that.

* you call pizza “chuppy” we have no idea why. you can say pizza but you call it chuppy anyways.

*you can make dad do ANYTHING, just by asking…no one else has that power.

*you are starting to love to sew and you constantly want to make things with me. (it makes for slow production but i’m totally okay with that)

*i’m trying real hard to let go of my need to get things done just to hang out with all you kids because i feel like you are all growing up way too fast. i mean you are the baby. but yet i look at you at you and you are so NOT a baby anymore.

* you HATE taking pictures. i have to bribe you. and even that doesn’t work sometimes. and that’s when the threats come out.

*i love you and so does your dad, and your brothers adore you and are willing to look past the button pushing when you are nice to them.

*you think the world of your brothers, and can’t wait for them to come home from school.

*you’ve made our family complete. you make me want to be a better role model for you of what it is to mean and what a wonderful role it is to be a mother.

*i’ve changed because of you. and i think it’s a good change.

happy birthday little girl we love you.