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hello, goodbye


this month is one big huge month of hello goodbyes. i didn’t realize how many things have been creeping up on me that are about to change or have already changed. and then add selling a house and moving into another one.
well here’s a few of my hello goodbyes:

*hello to a new bed! (bed frame from my favorite store IKEA)
goodbye to the queen size bed that usually has at least one child’s feet in my face or in the husband’s back every single morning. oh and that had broken over the years like 10 times and no not because of what you are thinking but because it was really soft wood. dirty minds.

*hello to all three boys being in school and katie in pre-school.
goodbye to little hands always needing me at every single waking moment of the day. 🙁

*hello to no more national guard every single month.
goodbye to weekends that are sometimes stressful.

*hello to a new house.
goodbye to our old one that we’ve worked on for 3 and half years to get it to where we have it today.

*hello to a larger house.
goodbye to only having 3 bedrooms.

*hello to new neighbors. (and no not moving from our little town.)
goodbye to the gorgeous views we had from our back yard.

*hello to smaller lawns.
goodbye to the husband complaining that we have too much lawn and we need a riding mower.

*hello to my own office.
goodbye to working in my kitchen and being spread out all over my kitchen table only to have kids move things over when they come home from school and me having to put everything away till i can put it back out only to have it happen again the next day.

*hello to the husband getting his own office slash guest room.
goodbye to the husband having to request that the kids keep it down so he can get something done and then only getting more frustrated so he goes back to work to work on his other job.

*hello to the husband being home more.
goodbye to my not being able to get a hold of the husband all the time.

*hello to a really pretty landscaped front yard.
goodbye to my trips to the nursery and being baffled of what will actually grow in 7000 feet and what can withstand negative temps for our long winters.

*hello to a basement.
goodbye to all of us being on top of each other trying to do whatever it is that we do and actually liking being near each other because we want to be not because we have to be.

okay there’s more but i have to take care of a bazillion things before i get little people coming home. one of them is to keep packing.
sometime in the next two weeks we will be in the other house. i’ve already taken some pictures of the befores…but i think you might want to see some durings and afters as well. it’s a different layout so things will be moved around and re arranged till i get things right. it may take a little changing of things and style so we shall see how it all goes.

we’ll talk soon!

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