guest blogger: anna of noodlehead


so glad all of you are laughing at along with me on my misfortune.
i’ll be writing the last part of my unfortunate events series later today to post for tomorrow. but for now here’s a tutorial by the sweetest mid western gal i just met a couple weeks ago, my friend anna:

hello V & Co. friends, I’m Anna from Noodlehead!
I was so excited when Vanessa asked me to share a tutorial with you guys. I’m a mom to two little girls and got back into sewing when I realized how fun it was to sew for them (even if they don’t like what a make them all the time).
My husband and I were doing some tune ups on my daughter’s bike earlier this spring – you know, new tires, paint the handlebars, fix the seat, fun stuff. So, when we were out tire shopping I saw the cute bike baskets at the store. I was like “oh, we have to get her a basket, it would be so fun” and he’s like “you should just make one”. So here we go!

It’s perfect to hold a water bottle, some bouncy balls, a necklace, maybe a stuff animal buddy you just can’t leave home without!

There are so many cute details you can add to these Bike Buckets, so go on and get creative!!

Check out the full tutorial HERE at Noodlehead!

Thanks Vanessa for having me over, it was fun!