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what a daughter wants


you know i wasn’t the hardest kid to raise. but i wasn’t peaches either.
it’s amazing how the cycle of life happens in relationships doesn’t it? let me try to explain.

when i was little i wanted to emulate my mom. be just like her. she loved to exercise, she loved healthy food. she loved the beach and outdoors.

when i became a teenager i wanted to be just the opposite of her. “i’ll never be this overbearing over my daughter!!!” i would yell.

when i was a young mother i wanted my freedom to do my own style of mothering. “mom i know what the books say and it says to do this.”

now with a few years under my belt of parenting i want to try to remember some of the things my mother used to do in order to handle situations.

and many times i feel the need to call her to say “i’m sorry that i was such a snot when i did or said_____.”

i remember my mom always telling me “you just wait till you have kids of your own.” well mom i do, and now i get it. you were just trying to do your best.

so mom i just want to say thanks and to let you know that i’m so happy with how we’ve grown and matured into our roles from mother and daughter to grandmother and mother. i hope to emulate the love and freedom you have given me (when i’ve asked for it!) to grow and mature on my own to be the adult and mother and wife that i’m suppose to be. thanks for listening to my needs. i hope to do the same for my kids.
happy mother’s day.
say hi to grandma for me too.

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