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today i’m blog swapping with steph from somewhat simple. check out her tutorial here and then come check out mine on hers!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

I am super excited to be guest posting on Vanessa’s darling site. I love it here, so please excuse me while I make myself comfy…

My name is Stephanie and my little corner of the universe is called SomewhatSimple

Today I am here to show you an easy easy tutorial for a pretty fantastic and simple piece of home decor- a Fabric Monogram. I have seen some of around the blogging world, but if you’re not clever with your sewing machine (’cause I am not!) then you’ll love my “No Sew” take on it!

First, find 2 coordinating pieces of fabric. These can be scraps you have laying around.

Print off your last initial in a font you like from your computer. I chose to go with a lowercase d because I liked the look of it more than an uppercase D… but now I hear about how grammatically incorrect it is from my 7 year old, so choose wisely! Cut your letter out.

For this project, you will also need scissors, Wonder Under and a pencil or pen.

Trace the mirror image of your letter on the Wonder Under and cut it out.

Now place your initial onto the back side of your fabric. I traced the initial onto my fabric, but this was an unnecessary step, so please ignore the traced lines.

So you should have your letter with the bumpy side of the Wonder Under touching the backside of the fabric, like so:

Iron the letter onto the fabric for about 30 seconds or until the fabric adheres to the WonderUnder

Cut out your fabric so that you have an initial with fabric on one side and the paper of the Wonder Under on the other side, like so:

Now set that initial aside while we work on the backing.
First things first- cut your fabric about 1 inch bigger on each side from the cardboard your frame comes with.

If your frame doesn’t have any cardboard (as mine didn’t) use a cereal box cut to the size of the back of your frame.

Use a good amount of glue around each side of the cardboard and fold the fabric over on top of the glue

Now, pickup that cute inital you have cut out and peel the waxy backing off of it.

Place your initial right side up on top of your fabric covered cardboard right side up and iron it for 30 seconds or until the initial adheres to the cardboard.

Frame it and display it and you are D.O.N.E.!!!

Easy and simple, just the way I like it!

I would love to have you come visit me at somewhat simple and see what else I’ve been up to! Every day is different and each day is something fun! If you come right now, you can still add your link to our Strut Your Stuff Link Party that I host everything Thursday. Consider yourself personally invited!

Vanessa, thanks for having me as your guest today!
Have a great weekend everyone!

thanks steph!
now go check out the fabric hair bow tute i just did for her blog.have a fantabulous day.
we’ll talk soon.