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my valentine quilt


first off thanks for yesterday. really i love your guys’ comments. 🙂 second off lets get on with that valentine quilt i mentioned a while back that i thought would be a good idea to make. here are scraps of fabric i have collected over the years with good intentions of using, i always have good intentions when i go to the fabric store it seems and well you’ve seen my fabric collection. so this year i’m working on dwindling my stash so that i can….yup, go buy some more.

fabulous friend who just so happens to be a professional quilter and i got together last week a couple of times, i finished two quilt tops (one you already saw and is patiently waiting to be quilted on my betty the other one is patiently waiting at her house to be quilted). she got started and finished her valentines quilt top. yeah i was a little green with envy so we got together yesterday and i flaunted that it was going to have more blocks and it was going to be bigger than hers. she just rolled her eyes while she worked on a measly little pillow. so i spread out like no body’s business and gave her a little corner to work in. she finished her pillow (totally cute by the way) and i’m still up to my eyeballs in this mess. that’s what i get for bragging and doing the “do you want a piece of me” and the “in your face” dance at her.

the valentines quilt looks a lot like the little ones blankie i made for her which she has recently gotten attached to much to my pleasure! poor thing looks like a rag-a-muffin in the picture, she had just gotten up from a nap, i swear i don’t let her run around town like that. well not all the time at least.

i think it’ll be cute. but we’ll see how much progress i get done in the next few days. it’s really cold here and that makes it really easy to stay indoors, not go anywhere, and sew.