sytyc: perfect gift for the “little mother”


something that this little quilt has made me realize is that i really miss making quilts. it’s been a super busy year for me, and i haven’t really been able to focus on bigger projects like quilting in a while. this year i promise myself to change that. i’m making at least a few quilts this year.
i have some ideas and i can’t wait to see if they work out.

but for now lets talk about sytyc.
Got a little one that wants to mimic everything you do?
well here’s the gift for that “little mother” in your life.
this little quilt is just right for your little one to baby her little dolly.
this quilt is also the right size to tote around anywhere, whether it be at home or on the go, this little quilt is perfect.

surely her friends will want one too, and would be the perfect gift for any “little mother” you know.

i’ve moved on to the next round thanks to your votes in keeping me in the game. 😉
you can vote for this weeks craft for the theme “new years” here.
and check out dana’s awesome candy bag tutorial here!
and i promise to make the tutorial for this little quilt by friday. 😉 here’s to another round! wish me luck!!!
and we’ll talk soon!!!