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new fabric and the monthly ickies


if you haven’t been to jo-ann’s lately, oh my it’s not the jo-anns i knew a few years ago. or maybe being out in the middle of nowhere really does a number on you and you think anything other than walmart flannel is hip happening and gives you butterflies in your stomach when you see it and gives you acid reflux when you go closer and “pet it”. whatever the case, i walked away very happy. these will be transformed into little hand bags for the little one and i to match. yes go ahead an make puking sounds.

these lovelies are the start of the boy’s room. they will be transformed into wonderful decorative pillows for their beds. they will be thrown around, sat on, booger smeared, and farted on within days of being put in their rooms but that’s okay the fabric was 50% off and i’m making them into slip covers so i can wash them as they get “saucy”.

i’m at that wonderful time of the month where all is wrong in the world and i want to crawl under my covers and hide in my room for the day. read books, sleep like a cat and eat chocolate for breakfast. i’ll be back on monday all nice and better. but until then watch out for dragon lady.