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fall quilt top and amy butler patterns


i finished the fall quilt top and i have some left over fabric… sooooo i’m making a fall banner like my freedom banner…kind of excited! and remember my skirt made out of sheets? well this time i’m making the A-line skirt out of a clearance drapery for a window, it cost me $5 (i know a little on the costly side for me)
and then i got me this pattern and i’ve had this fabric sitting there and i haven’t used it for anything yet cause i love it so much that i’m a little stressed to use it…so i just stare at it and pet it every couple of days…but i think a little handbag might be cute…or maybe i’ll just wait cause just thinking of cutting it up is giving me hives…see sheets are so much easier for me to use! i should just stick to cutting up sheets for projects and petting and admiring other “real” store bought fabric!