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Um excuse me, your cow is dead.


So instead of me trying to explain the situation I’ll just give you an idea on how the conversation went between me (the INNOCENT one who just thought the cow was “sleeping”) and the owner of the cow:

Ring ring…ring ring…
Owner: hello?
Me: uh, yeah, er..uh hmm, er this is Vanessa.
Owner: oh hi Vanessa what can I do for you?
Me: uh er…well…
Owner: silence
Me: well you know how your cows are in my pasture and they eat the grass, and drink water, and walk around all cute, they really are cute…anyways, you know how they moo, and are like oh I don’t know breathing and alive usually…well one’s not.
Owner: oh?
Me: yeah I mean it was walking around yesterday you know all cute, did I mention they are soooo cute? Yeah, well anyways…yesterday it was walking around and this morning when I went to go to the gym I noticed one was grazing and the other wasn’t, it looked so peaceful and sleepy so I went on my merry way and didn’t think anything of it.
Owner: oh?
Me: yeah and I didn’t really think about it till I was outside again in the backyard after dinner and I thought to myself “ha that’s funny, that cow is still sleeping in the same exact position as it was this morning…it must sure be tired”
Owner: oh…
Me: so I went to go check on it just to make sure…and yeah I don’t think it’s alive anymore…
Owner: oh okay I’ll go get my husband to go take care of it later tonight…
Me: that’s it? “Oh okay” no “did you give it Kool-Aid?” Or I don’t know “chase it up and down the street last week when your kids let them out on “accident”?” I mean what if it had a weak heart and I made it exercise too much or something?!!!
Owner: oh I don’t think so, it’s the little one right?
Me: yeah the smaller of the two
Owner: oh no it had problems from the start, so you didn’t do anything to it I’m sure.
Me: oh okay…well I’m really sorry…I like the still breathing one better anyways…

So aside from killing cows in my pasture I’ve been reading up a storm the count is 3 books in 4 days…it all started when I joined the gym and got on the treadmill…I’m a multitasker so I started reading a book…well three books down and onto my 4th…I have been working on the house in between reading so at least that’s getting done…but as for sewing…not so much right now. But I’m working on a new skirt for me and finishing up my fall quilt today! That is the plan at least…we’ll see how it all plays out