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last of the 4th pics…and house stalking


this one is for all my friends who have little girls that would of looooooooved to of been there in person to see miley (yeah we’re on fist name basis now)

this is the new house that i like… okay lust after…its a little on the “too big” side for me (too much cleaning on the inside) but i’ve passed this house so many times on the freeway that i decided to get off in the town that it was in and take a look at it from the front side of it…if this is your house and you are reading my blog (highly doubt it) please know that it was me taking the picture of your house not some lunatic and if for some reason you want to be ever so kind and “lend” me your house i could try to make your front porch and yard look ever so cute…i’m just saying if you want to that is.