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these hands and phantoms


these are the hands of my father in law. he can do a better job than any professional i know. currently he is working on my sprinkler system, picking up where my husband left off before he had to leave. these hands can do just about anything handyman-ish, they could build you a house they can fix leaky faucets, they can build you a fence, they can put up walls, take down walls, finish basements, built you frames, and make your back yard into a garden…i am so grateful for these hands because they have taught my husband everything he knows, and even more so right now so i don’t have to keep moving my hose attached to a sprinkler every 30minutes after these sprinklers are all set up. he’s one of the hardest workers i know, and i’m so grateful that my husband and my boys have him as an example of what a hard worker really does. last night i stayed up till (oh i don’t know really) 1? 1:30? in the morning…watching phantom of the opera. i needed to have something in the background so that i could hand bind these table runners. can i just tell you, that phantom dude is one hot tamale!!! i mean get past the fact that he’s killed a few people (2 that we know of) is a little creepy with the whole stalking and having a shrine of christine, and lives in the basement of the opera house with half a face, he is one hot dude…well whatever it got me to do my runners and now you can see them in my shop so go check it out!

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