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What happens when you don’t guard you password…


…your husband hijacks you blog. Really though I thought I would surprise Vanessa and show her that I too can work the blog. Today we were supposed to go onto our FOB but ended up staying at Baghram for a little while longer. So while we were waiting to go we snapped some pictures. Make no mistake, I am not, nor have I ever been the tail gunner on a Chinook helicopter. But the guys who are were nice enough to let me sit behind the gun and pretend that I was cooler than I really am. Shortly after we took pictures, we flew away in the bird, only to come back after about 30 minutes. However, since they woke us up at 2am to leave I had fallen asleep and was confused to find the place I thought we were going looked a lot like where we had just been. Of course given army efficiency we then unloaded the bird and moved to another one, which also promptly malfunctioned before we got off the ground. Consequently, I find myself still at Baghram wondering if I’ll ever move on. Though this type of day may seem like a minor inconvenience to most, let me point out some particulars. First there were about 20 people on the flight, each with about 200 pounds of equipment. Therefore, each time we changed plans we had to load/unload the accompanying 4000 pounds of equipment. In all I counted moving the equipment nine times. All in all I’d say it was a very hooah army day! Incidentally, honey sorry I didn’t get a chance to call…love you and talk to you soon. Jake