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very productive and destructive week…


so i lied, it wasn’t ALL productive, i did take a couple of “emotional sick days” where i did nothing but eat my weight in ice cream while i read and ignored the house and the world around me, including the very angry 8 year old who got moved from one class to another “just to try it out” and see if he would do better in another class. after a couple of VERY trying days (hence the eating of a TON of ice cream and reading 2 books) of nate doing furious in a very awful way, things are actually going really well again at home and big *sigh* of relief, school. for the fist time in a looooong time nate came home smiling and talking in a happy tone after school. i should of gone with my gut a loooong time ago but i was scared to hurt people’s feelings, but after our last “parent, teacher, principle” conference, i decided to listen to my prayers and i said “he needs to move out of his class to the other” so felicia thanks for the prayer that i would start getting MY tokens, it actually worked and now we have a little hint of our old nate back! so my house looks a little like a tornado hit it, i just have to put everything back where it belongs, that’s what i’m doing tonight after the kids go to bed with the help of some newly bought itunes

but i did get my act together more toward the end of the week and started some more runners (they went pretty fast!) , i made these hangers and you can check them out here! got my new patterns up to pineneedles in west jordan, i went to walmart bought a ton of fruit and NO ice cream, the kids got to cash in their tokens at kmart, and i shipped out i don’t know how many orders! THANK YOU!!! and now i go to start to devise a plan on how to tackle the house tonight