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my mother is coming…


so i have to say goodbye to my little friend in a can till she’s gone!

a few fun facts about my mom:

1. she’s super healthy, walks to the beach and back every morning (around 6 miles round trip)

2. she’s super healthy, eats only organic foods

3. she’s super healthy, and thinks everyone should eat brown rice, home cooked meals (every single meal laced with love and time), should have their dietary fiber and vitamins all in healthy food not in pills, and everyone should buy hormone free meat from organic fed cows and chickens.

4. she’s a little hispanic lady with a whole hell of a lot of spunk.

5. she comes from a house full of neurotically clean women.

6. she’s constantly calling me everyday to tell me of the “dangers” of the world

7. she’s a hard core roman catholic who prays the rosary (in spanish) constantly and daily, doesn’t miss a day of church, and is planning on getting here on a monday and leaving on a saturday. to make it just in time.

8. she makes me crazy, but i absolutely need and look for her approval, and i think she knows a lot of what she’s talking about.


and so the diet soda has been hidden, the house is getting a once over with Clorox, the kids have been prepped of foods we cannot let her know we eat, and i’m a nervous wreck! the big day is monday, she’s here for a week, for three of those days i’ll be picking up jake and spending some time with him, and then we will come back here and see the kids, and the little hispanic spitfire i call my mother!