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haven’t completely given up on stitchery


i’ve been so busy making stuff for the gifford house and etsy that i really havnt been working on my stitchery, but here and there i’ve been able to do it, and well here’s my new pattern that will be in quilt stores for 4th of july. still have to make a few more for the other stores but this one will be at pine needles (probably soon) so if you are inthe west jordan area, check it out my stitchery name is….TADA…… “made by me” been doing it for 5 years now. and so yes some of the patterns i am so proud to call my own, and some, well not so much. but i think this one turned out pretty cute. so yeah that’s me, “made by me”, “uptownjane“, and “country chick”, “v”, “vanessa“, “nessa“and so forth…i must be a schizophrenic wannabe i’m up to like 4 personalities.

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