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Up to my eyeballs in MODA!


Okay so I wasn’t joking when I said I was getting more of the Charm Packs in. Two shipments came today!!! Got rid of most of the girly one “Allspice” and I have a few left of the “Roman Holiday”. Still swimming in the “Prairie Paisley” one and I got the “wovens” for it today too (gighams, stripes, and checks) so it’s actually a lot cuter now, didn’t get to making one of those today, ran out of time before I had to pick up the kids. (Katie napped awsome today!) So here are the new ones:

This one was sent to me by mistake, but I thought I would give it a try, it’s a little more different than what I pick out, but it looks kind of fun for spring, I’m going to make pillows and runners for the store here in town, but trust me I’ll have extra, they come in bundles of 25 packets! It has 37 sqares and actually I like all but one kind of fabric, all in all funky but fun.($6.50)

I’ve actually had this one and the next one for a little while, but they were at the store. I absolutely love all the squares in this one, it’s kind of fally, but can be all year round too, I have a square runner in my living room of this one. ($8.50) has 46 squares

Okay this one is from 3 Sisters (Shangri-La), and for some reason if it’s 3 Sisters its usually my favorite. So ofcourse this is one of my favorite “Charm Packs” so far. There are two of them the flowery one is the main one (has 48 squares) and retails at $10 I’ll sell them $8.50 each and the second one is the “wovens” and has all gighams and stripes and checks I’ll sell that for $4 each.

I promise I’m not going to keep trying to sell things to you guys, just thought that maybe if you were interested you might want to buy some at a cheaper price since I can’t keep up with all that keeps comming my way. I don’t think that I’m going to buy any more after this, but I have a few more still being sent to me that I ordered a while ago. I told you I got in over my head! So might as well see if anyone out there wants to buy these! Let me know, and once again if you are interested in me making a runner (long one for your table, sqare one for a round table) let me know. Okay thanks!

This one is actually on my table, (can you see the chocolate milk stain?) still havnt quilted it, but its on my table. I think I’m quoting Larua when I say “I’m a 85% finisher on most things” so yeah this runner although not done has seen better days but I think you can see the fabrics past the chocolate milk stains. This one has 40 squares so it’ll be $7