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Meet our goat Daisy


So I know most of you know that I own a couple of goats, well meet Daisy. In the summer time she enjoys eating my roses and getting out of where she is suppose to be. She likes long periods of time tied up to the chain (must be the only reason why she gets out so much) and being swore at (once again must be why she gets out so much). During the winter time she’s a little more mellow, due to the extra poundage she has put on. But please don’t call her fat, she just has “fluffy hair” for the winter.

Some things that make her unique from other goats are: Likes to jump on trampolines, can clear a 4 1/2 foot fence by running at full speed, jumping, and while in mid air change her direction to hit the tree trunk just right and gain momentum to land on the other side. She’s also pretty sure she’s a dog, and likes to hang out with her family, and likes to be pet. A unique quote about her: “I just don’t believe that she can get out like tha….OH MY GOSH! DID YOU SEE THAT?!” Jake upon not believing me about her ability to do Jackie Chan moves.

Up Next….Billy, our ….lovely boy goat.