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Moda Anyone?


Okay so this last year I got a little in over my head and ordered wholesale through Moda fabric these adorable 5X5 squares to make table runners and sell them, and yes I sold quite a few of them at the craft show that I did a while back, but I am still swimming in these things! (I had to make a minimum order, you know how it goes) and so I’m wondering if anyone would like to buy some from me, I would sell them for lower than what you would buy them at the stores (retail $9) so if anyone wants any of them I’ll sell them for $7 (sorry have to make a little on them) so let me know if anyone wants to buy ’em and if so how many (no minimum order from me necessary! But the more you buy the better it is cause there’s more on the way! YIKES!) also if anyone is interested in me making them the table runner I make em and sell em for $25…just throwing it out there, there will be some more fabrics comming too, so I’ll post the pics when they come! They are cute but I’ve defitnitly learned a lesson!