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A few things I’ve learned about Cows


So yes, since moving to Loa, I’ve come to learn a few new things. Some of which are: the sounds of cows doing the nasty in our backyard is loud enough to wake you up in the middle of the night. Your kids will be curious as to why one cow is trying to play leap frog with another cow, which then will cause you to have to have “The Talk” about the birds and the bees. When working in your backyard, cows become curious and gather by the fence and STARE (kind of creepy). When cows get out they can be seen RUNNING ACROSS YOUR FRONT YARD! This little betty kept getting out this last summer, she was known as #642, but to me she was known as the cow who left a few cow patties in my front yard! And being inexperienced with cows running in my front yard and cow patties they leave behind, I thought that I could mow over the cow patty a few days later thinking it would of been dried out by then. OH NO IT WASN’T! And my advise to you is this, if you see a cow in your front yard (or back yard for that matter) and lets just say this cow happens to leave a cow patty behind (or two or three) DON’T MOW OVER IT! TRUST ME IT AIN’T PRETTY! So when asked how I know that cow’s poo a lot, here’s your picture to testify, I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT, and there’s no way I’m going to be getting me a COW, could you imagine me trying to get that big of a thing back into my pasture if it got out?!

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