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Spectrum Fabric by V and Co. for Moda Fabrics


Well hello! It’s been a while I know. I took a bit of a hiatus. Sometimes you have to do that. After a bit of time with health type things hitting our house we decided, it’s okay to step back and say “hold up, what’s important here?” The answer was FAMILY. Family is what’s most important. So with that, I decided to take a few steps back, simplify a few things in my life, and hire a couple of wonderful women who contract their time to V and Co. They have made it so I could focus on my family at this time. So while V and Co. used to be V (me) and Co. (my children around my ankles) for so long, now its me and two wonderful women who will continue to make things happen… at a slower pace but still making things happen. 🙂 

So enough about that. Lets get on to what’s happening here:

Introducing Spectrum with Moda Fabrics (please contact your moda rep to order). Your local quilt store   and favorite online store can now see and start placing orders for this fabric line. The ship date for this line will be January 2017. Which seems like a long ways away, but actually it’s only like 4 months away. Oh dear heavens, we will be in the dead of winter in 4 months! Ugh!! No happy thoughts!!!

What better way to brighten up the drab horribleness of dead of winter (do you think I might have a thing against winter?) than this lovely group of fabric?!

Lets talk a little about it shall we?

Its a smaller line it has 30 fabrics all together.

And you’ll have to take my word on it…its a must have for your stash.

Doesn’t it look like a party?? Wouldn’t this be perfect to get in January when all you want to do is live in sweats and eat triple chocolate chunk ice cream from the carton while watching netflix because its just so darn depressing and cold. (again I may be a little bias and hateful towards the cold) And no I didn’t just describe my winters…I was just asking for a friend. Wait was I asking? ANYWHO!

My absolute favorite are the Text (yep that’s my writing) and the little triangles…they come in color…and are so cute…but lets gush a little on the low volume ones:

What’s written on the fabric you ask? The text is yard measurements converted to inches. So you know how on a pattern is says “cut 2/3 of a yard” and most of the time I’m fine and I’m like yeah 2/3 of a yard is 24 inches, but lets say you’re cutting at like 11 pm at night and you’re a little tired and honestly you shouldn’t be cutting fabric but you want to get it done…take a look at your cheat sheet fabric with all the measurement conversions! You are welcome you can thank me later.

And do you notice anything about this collection?

If you said that Spectrum goes beautifully with our V and Co. Ombre, you are correct!!! With the ombre being a basic, you can always have your local quilt store or favorite online store restock them, so go ahead and use them up and just buy more to replenish the pretty on the shelf…and PSSSST I have more patterns coming for ombre as well! 

Sooooo, are you excited to see the patterns?? That will come on Monday and I promise to have a nice Giveaway and a discount on all PDF patterns.

I’m a little excited about showing them off…and we finally jumped on the MINI quilt craze with our first ever stand alone mini quilt pattern. 🙂 See you Monday!



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