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Introducing Designer Bundles of Bella Solids


 Hello! How has summer been treating you? Mine has been a blur I must confess! Every day I get in bed exhausted, just to wake up to do it again the next day. We’ve had camps upon camps and have been working on boy scout merit badges up the Ying Yang! But there is something quilt related (okay there’s a bit more than just one something but you’ll see that in September.) But right now I want to focus on this.

A few Moda Designers were asked to put together their own Bella Solid bundle…So I went to town and picked a few of my favorite colors to work with (ahem do you notice how gorgeous these bellas would go with our V and Co ombre??

So I had some fun!

I took the bellas from my bundle and used it in my Endless Summer Quilt. And even though it uses yardage instead of the cute fat quarter bundle, it is pretty and I really can’t wait to make one in real life. 🙂

 Then I had fun and made up our Rush Hour Quilt 

And it looks great in the bella solids!!!

And here’s some fun facts: go to my Instagram account and enter to win this pretty bundle

And then go to the Moda cutting table for a chance to win one of the other designer bundles as well!